5 Signs you need an Office Washroom Refurbishment

A poorly designed, old and/or inaccessible washroom can cause many issues from dirt and particles being caught in cracks, making the washroom a hive of bacteria, to elevated maintenance fees for continually breaking down toilets, basins.  

A washroom can also say a lot about a business, so what does yours say about you?

If you are unsure whether it is time for a change, here are our top 5 signs that you may need an office washroom refurbishment.

  1. Your last office washroom refurbishment is looking outdated

If your previous office washroom refurbishment is starting to look worn out or like it belongs in another decade, this is a sure sign it’s time for that refurbishment. Poor décor, old equipment and dated styles can affect employee morale more than you could imagine.

  1. Lack of accessibility

This is a very important issue which many offices have yet to approach. Making sure you implement accessibility features when considering your next office washroom refurbishment is vital.

Having no accessible toilet or a lack of accessible facilities could prevent users from even visiting the building. This is not about vanity, cleanliness or even a modern look. This is about ensuring everyone who enters your building can go use the facilities, including those with additional requirements.

  1. Your maintenance bills are too high

Are you constantly finding yourself needing to call the plumber or handyman to fix a tap, or sort out blockages? Constant maintenance issues are not only stressful, they reduce availability and come at a high cost to the business. If your toilets are continually ‘out of order’, then a new office washroom refurbishment is a must.

  1. It never looks squeaky clean, no matter how thoroughly it is cleaned

No matter how much your washroom is scrubbed, wiped down or bleached, it never looks pristine or as squeaky clean as it used to. Sound familiar? Over time washrooms become harder to clean. From cracked tiles collecting dirt and bacteria to discoloured grouting, sometimes you just need to accept it will never have that brand new pristine, shiny look about it. However, with new technologies, coatings and products, it is easier to keep your washrooms looking new for longer with the added bonus, that it will be easier to maintain.

By opting for a new office washroom refurbishment, you can get that shiny, pristine look once again. Plus, you are likely to save some money on the cleaning bills.

  1. Paying more for your water/ energy bills than you once were?

Have you seen an increase in your bills in the last few years? Or are you looking for ways of reducing your outgoings in the long run?

One of the advantages to having a new office washroom refurbishment is being able to implement eco-friendly solutions. Not only does this save you money in energy and water bills but you are also helping the planet and environment in the process.

Are you looking at refurbishing your office washrooms? Our ranges are designed to meet all your requirements. From our timeless Urban range to our attractive and practical Axis range. Our washrooms are competitively priced and flawless in design.

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