Benefits of a New Education Washroom in your School/College/University

Starting to think about your next education washroom refurbishment? There are many benefits to a new education washroom. In this post, we will cover the benefits of each level of education to show you why you should consider setting a date for your next university/ college/ school washroom refurbishment.


Nursery/Primary School Washroom Refurbishment


Encourage good hygiene from a young age with bright colours

At nursery and primary school level, it is vital to start encouraging a regular hygiene routine early on. This includes toilet habits and encouraging younger years to wash their hands after going to the toilet, eating, or doing anything messy.

By implementing bright colours and patterns into your next education washroom project, the children’s bathroom visit will be a fun and enjoyable experience which will make them more likely to want to go.

If you want to take it one step further, you can use specific colours to set the mood and tone. For example, yellow helps encourage calm and peace, whereas red is used to incite a sense of rush and urgency. Colour is a much more important aspect of an education washroom refurbishment than you would expect, so ensure you bear that in mind when planning yours.


Accessible for all

If your nursery or school washroom hasn’t been updated for a while you may find that it doesn’t match all your child’s needs. Perhaps you need the ability to add steps to your toilet, or handrails on the cubicles for those with additional needs? Planning and implementing your next education washroom refurbishment isn’t just about making it pretty and clean, you can also ensure it is accessible for all, no matter what disabilities or additional requirements the children may have now or may have in the future.


Secondary Schools/College washrooms


Total privacy to help prevent bullying

We don’t like to admit it, but bullying is still a major issue in many schools and bathrooms are prime locations for this to take place. By installing total privacy cubicles with your education washroom refurbishment, you can help in the fight against bullying. With our privacy cubicles there are no gaps under the door or above for children to pass phones or items into the cubicles, making the washrooms a safer place for them.


Prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses with automation

Kids of any age are renowned for their ability to spread germs and bacteria around the classroom. But as they get older, they often spend more extended periods of time together. With the recent Covid-19 pandemic, we have all seen the consequences of how easily viruses can spread. Help prevent the spread of illnesses and germs by using automation.

In your next education washroom refurbishment implementing more automation and hands free hygiene solutions will significantly help you prevent the spread of bacteria. From automatic hand dryers to motion activated soap dispensers and taps, the less students have to touch in the bathroom, the less chance of bacteria lingering on surfaces.


University washroom refurbishment


Easy clean surfaces to encourage cleanliness

When it comes to university washroom refurbishment, it isn’t only the washrooms within the campus buildings you need to consider but also potentially the student accommodations. For example, if you have education washrooms which have grouting, this can become a hive of bacteria and become dirty very easily.

However, with configurations such as our PDQ Panel & Frame there are less spaces for bacteria to get lodged in and no grouting to get dirty. This makes cleaning the area simpler, which is a bonus when you struggle to get students to keep them clean.


Continue your identity even in the university washrooms

For university washrooms, it is less about bright colours and more about creating a calming, business-like design for the students. If you are proud of your university, you want to establish your identity throughout. By applying this logic to university washrooms and toilets, you can ensure the aesthetic is more mature to reflect the values and design of the institution. Your identity needn’t stop at the hallways and lecture halls, by implementing a stylish, more business-like design into your university washrooms, you can make a positive impression on visitors, potential students and current students alike, showing that you care about all the facilities.

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Alternatively, look at our education washroom sector page and contact us today to find out how we can help with your next education washroom refurbishment.