Top 5 Health & Safety Considerations within a School Environment

Talented teachers and inspiring lessons are not the only things that a pupil needs to flourish in their school environment. While schools are busy focusing on improving the learning environment for their students, they still need to ensure that the everyday practical facilities are up to scratch. If school washrooms are not meeting users’ needs, then pupils become reluctant to use them. In extreme circumstances this could result in them not drinking enough water throughout the day, greatly affecting their ability to focus and learn. 

Primary schools, secondary schools and collages need to provide suitable washroom facilities for their pupils as a duty of care. If you’re looking to build or refurbish school washrooms, we’ve listed the top five health and safety considerations to bear in mind

First and foremost, the amount of school toilet facilities should be adequate for the number of students and must consider age, gender and any special requirements they have. The location of school toilets is incredibly important, pupils with learning difficulties or physical disabilities may find it hard to access toilets that are far from classrooms. Furthermore, more able-bodied pupils may be deterred from using toilets if they are the other side of the school, for example. 

Though it is vital that schools ensure that there are enough washroom facilities for the number of students, providing enough space and not overcrowding is equally as important.  Adequate washroom space for students is important not just for safety, but comfort.  TBS Amwell’s Splash range is ideal for schools with pupils of varying ages. Whether there is a requirement for floor to ceiling units (offering complete privacy for pupils, ideal for unisex toilets) or with ceiling level space (to avoid antisocial behaviour and offering emergency access), TBS Amwell’s durable Splash system is ideal. Available in Solid Grade Laminate, Splash is suitable for the heavy traffic and use that school washrooms are subject to, being both completely water and vandal resistant.

Preventing Injury 
In order to prevent trapped fingers, school cubicle doors should have a door hinge safety system. Privacy should be protected by ensuring that the cubicle doors all have working locks that are easy for students of all ages to use. Our Tiny Tots range can accommodate differing door heights to meet supervision and privacy requirements of both younger and older children, as well as the all-important anti-finger trap hinges and emergency release locks.

Hand-Washing Facilities 
Germs can be found pretty much everywhere. Providing students with the appropriate facilities for them to wash their hands thoroughly is the most effective way of stopping germs from being passed from pupil to pupil. TBS Amwell provide a range of washroom accessories including liquid soap dispensers and hand dryers that help promote a clean and hygienic environment within schools and colleges.

In order to maintain and keep an eye on the condition of their toilets, schools should have a monitoring process in place. In the same way teachers rotate ‘break time duty’, staff should adopt a system of checking the toilets at break and lunch time to ensure that they are clean and safe. Regular maintenance checks will ensure that washroom facilities are kept in the best possible condition. A reliable washroom supplier will always ensure that their equipment comes with a warranty for peace of mind, such as TBS Amwell’s 5 year guarantee.

Contact TBS Amwell to find out how we can help provide school washroom environments that are safe, durable and user-friendly. 

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