Our Top 5 Tips for Renovating your Education Washroom

We know that every education project is unique and that there can be a lot to think about when it comes to choosing the right washroom. There needs to be a real understanding of not only functionality and safety but also of what washrooms can mean to children and young adults. Here are our 5 Top Tips to take into consideration if you are updating your education washroom... 

1. Know your users:

It is important to choose suitable products as there are different requirements for the certain ages.

Primary, Nursery and Reception:

  • Lower level cubicles for easy supervision such as our Tiny Tots range for younger years and our Tots 2 Teens for when extra privacy is needed.
  • Bright colours and screen prints to make it a fun and less intimidating experience.
  • Anti-finger trap hinges, magnetic door catches and emergency release locks for safety and peace of mind.

Secondary right through to University:

  • Floor to ceiling cubicles for maximum privacy are ideal for academies / secondary schools and unisex washrooms, allowing users to feel secure and safe. Our Urban, Splash, Impact and Axis ranges all offer full privacy solutions.
  • Cubicles with a 100mm floor clearance and ceiling space to help avoid antisocial behaviour and offering emergency access, all whilst providing user privacy such as our Splash, Impact and Axis Tall
  • Strong and sturdy cubicles with features such as emergency release locks for peace of mind should always be used.

2. Know your material:

Education washrooms often take the rough and tumble of everyday life so it is important that the materials you choose are durable and reliable and meet the requirements of the area.

  • SGL – Solid Grade Laminate is a water resistant and highly impact resilient material which is ideal for high traffic areas including showers and changing rooms. SGL is our most popular material when supplying washrooms in the education sector.
  • HPL – High Pressure Laminate although not water resistant is still a great material option for washrooms. Suitable for medium traffic areas, HPL offers a cost saving and still offers excellent resistance to impact.
  • MFC – Melamine Faced Chipboard is suitable for low traffic, dry areas and if you are working with a lower budget MFC is a great option.

3. Built to last:

From Nurseries to Universities and everything else in between, washrooms tend to be one of the most used areas, taking constant traffic and heavy use. It is important that you pick products that can be relied upon for years to come.

  • Choose a metal framed IPS system over a timber system. There are many benefits of choosing a metal framed IPS system such as easy cleaning and maintenance, fast and simple installation, water resistance and exceptional value for money. Find out more about our metal framed PDQ Panel & Frame System
  • Choose metal fixtures and fittings over plastic products. Metal fittings last longer and are more durable, meaning less risk of damage and replacement. All of our fixtures and fittings are made from modern and hardwearing Satin Anodised Aluminium.
  • An adequate warranty, such as our 5 year guarantee, will give you peace of mind long after the project is complete that the washroom products will continue to perform.

4. Cater for special needs and regulations:

You will need to consider including Ambulant, disabled and general use facilities to cater to all.

  • Light Reflectance Values – Ensure the correct LRV difference is in place to suit people who may be partially sighted.
  • Ambulant cubicles are a requirement for Part M of the Building Regulations. There must be at least one ambulant cubicle per washroom.

5. Stay on Trend:

  • Urinals are becoming less popular in male washrooms. They are known for being dated and if not maintained correctly can be unhygienic. The absence of urinals can help reduce the risk of bullying and anti-social behaviour.
  • Sensor taps and flushes are hygienic and more water efficient. With no need to make contact sensor taps and flushes minimise the spread of bacteria and germs making them ideal for all education environments.
  • Solid Surface Washtroughs are becoming increasingly popular in education washrooms. They are easy to clean and maintain, offer exceptional durability, have a reduced risk of flooding and look good too.

Our washroom specialists are on hand to guide you through the early stages of your project right through to completion. To find out how we can help get in touch with us on Tel: 01763 267200 or email us at contact@tbs-amwell.co.uk