PDQ Panel & Frame and Vanity & Frame - Does what it says on the tin.

Our Pretty Darn Quick (PDQ) Panel & Frame and Vanity & Frame systems are the perfect time-saving solutions for any washroom project. Our PDQ Panel & Frame system will arrive on site pre-assembled, fully labelled and ready to install. In a similar fashion our PDQ Vanity & Frame will be delivered as one unit comprising of a metal frame, back panel, underpanel and vanity top ready to be installed as one. Guaranteed to save you time and money this summer. The results speak for themselves - ATC Interiors have been busy tweeting just how how much time they saved on site thanks to our PDQ range.



When designing our PDQ range we had 3 main objectives:

1. Design a product that is quick and easy to install - did we achieve this?

You bet, an incredible 10 PDQ Panel & Frame sets can be installed in one day, cutting labour time and costs in half. Plus our PDQ Vanity & Frame system is 90% quicker to install compared to a traditional system.

2. Design a product that is durable enough to withstand any environment - did we achieve this?

Our PDQ Vanity & Frame systems are available in hard-wearing HPL and water resistant SGL - both are ideal for high traffic areas. Our PDQ Panel & Frame is available in four materials including SGL, HPL and 11 stunning Veneers. In other words, yes we did!

3. Ensure our products allow easy, stress free maintenance - did we achieve this?

Both our PDQ Panel & Frame IPS Ducting and Vanity & Frame units are available with hinged and lockable access panels so maintenance is quick, easy and secure.

Find out more about our PDQ Panel & Frame and PDQ Vanity & Frame here or call our team on Tel: 01763 276200.