St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School's contemporary transformation

Based in South East London, St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School was first opened in 1909. Always wanting to provide their students with the best facilities, the school decided to transform their nursery toilets into a fully equipped, modern practical space. Having worked on many similar projects, TBS Amwell were delighted to be involved in the project.

With the view of a contemporary washroom; the striking Citrus colour was selected in our Splash range transforming the washroom into a cheerful and bright space. Our Splash cubicles offer a stylish yet sturdy solution which can withstand the toughest of environments, essential in a school setting. Splash is offered in Solid Grade Laminate which is both water and vandal resistant, it is the ideal solution for high traffic environments. The robustness of Splash means it can be used not only for toilet cubicles but also for showers and changing rooms, bringing continuity throughout.

"Their cubicles have helped to totally transform the old unfit nursery toilet block into a contemporary, fully equipped functional space which the head teacher has already reported is enjoyed, respected and kept clean by the nursery pupils”.

TBS Amwell’s Splash range is the perfect system for primary schools; it is available in varying door heights providing pupils with privacy whilst ensuring safety by allowing staff supervision. St Patrick’s School took full advantage of the options and opted to have different door heights for their cubicles.

With the help of TBS Amwell, St Patrick’s School was able to revamp their washroom giving their facilities a new lease of life.

“It was the first occasion where we and the main contractor used TBS Amwell and we found them to be responsive, proactive, supportive and efficient. In addition the contractor was very impressed with their programming and logistics and shall be using them again." - Frank Kunna - Kunna Architects Ltd.