Understanding School & Education Washrooms

When renovating or building an education facility the washroom provision needs to be considered as an integral part of the build with paramount importance placed on safety and environment. There needs to be a real understanding of not only primary functionality but also an understanding of what washrooms can mean to children.

To ensure that the washroom has a positive and welcoming atmosphere and to counteract bullying there are a number of factors to take into consideration, including; Making children feel comfortable, Safety, Privacy and Durability.

Starting with the younger users, washrooms for preschoolers are particularly focussed on safety and being inviting. When young children are learning to use toilet facilities they need to want to go into the cubical. Using bright colours, fun graphics and magnetic catches it is possible to diminish any fear of the enclosed cubical, providing privacy but also with the ability to supervise when necessary.

Primary School Washrooms: Primary school washrooms can also be sized for supervisory purposes however should provide a little more privacy as children are growing up. Sloping divisions and higher doors ensure that as they grow so too does their cubicle environment. There are also prints and graphics available, some with educational merit; flags and dinosaurs not only have bright imagery but include names and fun facts too.

Secondary School Washrooms: Secondary schools washrooms can be trickier to manage. Making a space that ensures privacy, while discouraging vandalism and bullying can be hard. With the knowledge that almost every secondary pupil carries a smart phone, keeping pupils safe from the prying lens of the camera phone is very important. This can be combatted with doors which extend from floor to ceiling with minimal clearance and divisions that sit in a specifically designed floor channel. Varied colour schemes and speckled effect laminates can also discourage graffiti and vandalism as students are less inclined to draw on something where their “artwork” is hard to see!

Further Education Washrooms: When considering washrooms for further education there is more a sense of wanting to reflect an establishments’s identity. With a wide choice of cubicle systems there are so many options available to achieve this. Clearly they need a system that is going to be strong and long lasting, but the aesthetic tends to be more business-like, reflecting modern aspirations. Here there is the flexibility for materials to take a turn from the more functional and familiar of school to something more executive such as screen printed glass, real wood veneer and stainless steel fittings.

With any educational washroom there is always a budget to consider. At TBS Amwell we believe that this doesn’t have to compromise any functionality of the washroom. Whatever the age range and whatever the requirement every cubicle system we offer ensures an end result that will not only last for years to come but be a safe, inviting environment for your students and an excellent reflection of your school identity.

See some of our washroom products in action at Amesbury Primary School, Ark John Keats Academy and Pontpreenau Primary School.

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