From large shopping centres to individual stores, we know that the Retail washrooms and Entertainment venues require a wide choice of flexible and attractive washroom solutions.

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High quality and style for the high street

Whether you run a large shopping centre or an individual store, we know how challenging the demands of the retail sector can be. That’s why we offer a wide choice of flexible, attractive, safe and functional toilet cubicles and retail washroom solutions. Likewise, the entertainment sector also needs to create the correct ambience for their venues and it is not a case of one size fits all. Hotels, restaurants and bars may require a hardworking, durable washroom that needs to make a bold statement, whilst venues such as museums and art galleries may prefer a calm, sophisticated ambience for their commercial washrooms.

Hardworking cubicles come in many shapes and sizes with our Minima, Urban and Evolution ranges to name just a few. Style meets substance in our minimalist Minima range offering endless design opportunities.

Whatever toilet cubicles you choose, our extensive range of commercial vanity units can be the perfect complement any entertainment and retail washroom solution.

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