• Hard-wearing and water resistant Solid Grade Laminate doors

  • Available with Aluminium or 13mm  Solid Grade Laminate carcass

  • Pre-assembled for ease of installation

  • Size and configuration flexibility (5 tiered and Z-shaped)

  • Sport England compliant

  • Pre-assembled for ease of installation

  • Perfect for use with Splash, Minima  and Urban cubicles

  • Compatible with Aquabench seating

Special Features:

Various lock types including:

Cam lock

Hasp lock

Coin return lock

Digi lock

Coin retail lock

With our strong and sturdy Aquasafe Lockers you have the choice of a solid grade laminate or aluminium carcass. The locker framework extrusions are constructed from satin anodised aluminium whilst the hinges are constructed from robust stainless Steel.

Solid grade laminate lockers are available in a standard width of 305mm and 405mm however flexible size and configuration options are available upon request. Aluminium lockers are available in a standard width of 308mm and 405mm. Aquasafe lockers offer a 510mm depth in solid grade laminate and a 505mm depth in aluminium, both with a carcass height of 1800mm. Typical overall height of 1913mm.

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    Aquasafe Z Lockers

    Aquasafe Z Lockers

    Aquasafe SGL carcass

    Aquasafe SGL carcass

    Aquasafe aluminium carcass

    Aquasafe aluminium carcass

    Lock types

    We offer various lock types including Hasp, Cam, Coin Return, Coin Retain, Digi Lock and Braille

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    From vibrant Desert Sun and Pumpkin, to stylish Titanium and American Walnut, our extensive range of laminates set a tone for quality.

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    Flexibility is key. 

    Whatever your locker layout, however demanding the location, Aquasafe has all the answers. Our Aquasafe Lockers come with the choice of a solid grade laminate or aluminium carcass both offering extreme durability and water resistance. Available in our 37 laminate colours, our Aquasafe lockers will fit in seamlessly with your changing and toilet cubicles, PDQ Vanity & Frame and changing room benches.

    The configuration options are completely flexible with different door sizes and tier arrangements. We also have a range of locking mechanisms including keypad locks specially developed to meet the needs of each individual washroom.

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