• Metal framed system arrives on site pre-assembled
  • Cross Brace and Bracket system ensures rigidity
  • Dowel Dock System designed for perfect panel alignment
  • Aluminium Headrail and Base rail provides stability and is easy and quick to install
  • Panels arrive labelled and pre-hung for ease
  • Twice as quick to install as a traditional IPS system cutting labour time & cost in half
  • Various panel splits to suit WCs, urinals and WHBs
  • Galvanised metal frame system suitable for clinical installations
  • Panel Slider Brackets allow hinged panels to rise and fall.
  • Conceals services and plumbing in multiple applications


  • Hinged access panel, locking at 90° angle allowing easy maintenance access
  • Anti-vandal lock for when extra security is needed
  • Factory cut out for selected range of sanitary ware and plumbing

Special Features:

  • Our MFC and SGL Flash Gaps come in selection of standard widths to allow for quick installation and reduced cutting on-site
  • Suitable for high traffic areas
  • Suitable for wet and dry areas
  • Available in 5 material options
  • Available in over 30 laminate colours
  • 11 stunning veneers

Solid grade laminate (SGL) - 13mm standard thickness with a solid core and polished black radiused edges, SGL is suitable for demanding environments where strength and/or water resistance is needed.

High pressure laminate (HPL) - 18mm standard thickness moisture resistant chipboard, faced both sides with high pressure laminate. Suitable for dry areas with more intense use. 

Melamine faced chipboard (MFC) - 18mm melamine faced chipboard, with 1mm matching or contrasting PVC lipping. Ideal for dry environments with light to medium use.

Real Wood Veneer - 18mm moisture resistant chipboard faced both sides with real wood veneer. Our real wood veneer offers true consistency of colour and grain – it is available either crown cut or straight grain depending on the wood species.

ColourCoat - 18mm MDF with ColourCoat lacquer finish

Tie Back System

Our Tie Back System offers flexibility whilst ensuring rigidity and stability

Optional hinged access

Health and safety hazards are now a thing of the past for maintenance staff, with our optional top hinged access panels that lock at a 90° angle

Optional lockable Panels

Panel access will always be easy and safe and for when extra security is needed our anti vandal, optional lock is ideal

PDQ Panel & Frame

Our revolutionery PDQ Panel & Frame system dramatically reduces installation time-on-site compared to a traditional site built system

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Introducing our extensive range of 34 laminate colours, offering a vibrant spectrum of options to suit any design aesthetic.

Real wood veneer

Mankind has been using wood for thousands of years, and its appeal is as strong as ever. Our real wood veneers combine timeless authenticity with contemporary finishes.

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Have a look at some of the ways our PDQ Panel & Frame can simplify your washroom renovation:

Fast and simple installation - PDQ Panel & Frame dramatically reduces time one site and is twice as quick to install compared to a traditional built or other IPS panel toilet and washroom systems.  With pre- fabricated holes and slots in pre-determined positions, you can rest assured knowing that all the system fixing components are in the right position every time.  

Perfect panel alignment - Our Dowel Dock system allow panels to be hung quickly and easily, speeding up cubicle installations and ensuring panels are always aligned. Additionally our Cross Brace Brackets ensures the whole system retains its shape and panels are perfectly aligned.

Ease of maintenance - Health and safety hazards are now a thing of the past for maintenance staff, with our optional top hinged access panels that lock at a 90° angle. Panel access will always be easy and safe and for when extra security is needed our anti vandal optional lock is ideal.

Exceptional value for money -  Our revolutionary PDQ Panel & Frame system arrives pre-assembled and is 50% quicker to install than a timber frame, cutting labour time and cost in half. 

PDQ Panel splits for all needs - With panel splits to suit WCs, urinals and WHBs and a slim line system profile designed to offer maximum available room space, our PDQ Panel & Frame range will create the perfect finish to your washroom project. The galvanised metal frame system is suitable for clinical installations, concealing services and plumbing in multiple applications.

Our PDQ Panel & Frame range is flexible and easy to install. Panels are available in a variety of material options including melamine faced chipboard, high pressure laminate, solid grade laminate ,ColourCoat or for that extra luxurious finish, real wood veneer.




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