• Robust and long-lasting combination unit
  • Arrives on site pre-assembled
  • Semi Recessed profile 
  • Divided into two sections for easy access to the WC Cistern
  • Factory made coated steel frames with pre-hung panels
  • Lift off clips or hinged access panel available under the basin

  • Space saving solution
  • Ideal for dry and wet areas
  • Upstand available upon request
  • Available with or without finished ends to suit room layout
  • Accessible panels
  • For the top: 34 laminate colours, 12 Standard & 10 Premium Solid Surface finishes
  • For the underpanels: 34 laminate colours, 11 Real Wood Veneers & 10 ColourCoat Options

The top is available in HPL, SGL and Solid Surface.
The base units are available in MFC, HPL, SGL, Real Wood Veneer, ColourCoat.

Melamine faced chipboard (MFC) consists of 18mm chipboard coated in melamine, with 1mm PVC lipping that can match or contrast. Perfect for dry areas with moderate use.

Melamine Faced Chipboard (MFC) comprises 18mm thick chipboard with 1mm contrasting or matching PVC lipping. Suitable for dry areas with light to medium use.

SGL, with a standard thickness of 13mm and a solid core, features polished black radiused edges. It's ideal for tough environments requiring strength and water resistance.

Solid Surface
Solid surface is a composite material made of minerals and acrylic polymer, allowing it to be thermoformed at around 150 degrees Celsius. Exceptionally durable, this material is easily repairable and requires minimal maintenance.

Real Wood Veneer
18mm moisture-resistant chipboard featuring real wood veneer on both sides. Our veneer provides consistent colour and grain, available in crown cut or straight grain options.

18mm MDF coated with ColourCoat lacquer for a sleek finish, ideal for dry areas with light to medium use.

Bed Depth:        355mm
Downstand:       300mm (250mm top access panel)
Overall Height:  900mm
Typical Length:  1500mm*

* Bespoke lengths available upon request

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Introducing our extensive range of 34 laminate colours, offering a vibrant spectrum of options to suit any design aesthetic.

Real wood veneer

Mankind has been using wood for thousands of years, and its appeal is as strong as ever. Our real wood veneers combine timeless authenticity with contemporary finishes.

Solid Surface

Give your washroom added strength and resilience with our stylish choice of Solid Surface finishes.

Premium Solid Surface

Elevate your vanities to a new level of luxury with our exclusive Premium Solid Surface finishes.

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Versatile Combination Units: Maximising Space and Functionality in Modern Washrooms

Introducing our comprehensive Vanity & Toilet Combination Units, the ultimate space-saving solution for modern washrooms. These units seamlessly integrate a vanity basin with a toilet, optimising space while maintaining functionality and style. 
They provide a compact and streamlined solution for users to fulfill their basic sanitary needs in one convenient location. The integration of a toilet and wash hand basin in a single unit maximises user privacy while promoting hygiene and comfort.

The material options for the top include High-Pressure Laminate (HPL), Solid Grade Laminate (SGL), or Solid Surface, all renowned for their durability and resilience against damage and deterioration over time which make them great for high traffic environments.

The underpanel material options include a variety of choices such as Melamine Faced Chipboard (MFC), High-Pressure Laminate (HPL), Solid Grade Laminate (SGL), Real Wood Veneer, and ColourCoat. Opting for SGL ensures water and impact resistance, ideal for high-moisture environments, such as leisure changing rooms.

The pre-assembled Combination Unit significantly reduces on-site installation time. The base unit arrives fully assembled on our PDQ metal framing, while the vanity top comes in one piece. The downstand is supplied in two parts, allowing for WC Cistern access. Choose between lift-off clips or hinged access panels located under the basin for convenient maintenance.

Overall, Combination Units, featuring a toilet and a sink, present a smart solution to optimise space in commercial washrooms, education and leisure facilities. With their blend of durability, functionality, and style, these units redefine the standards of washroom design, providing a superior experience for users while meeting the maintenance needs of facility managers.

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