• Mineral and acrylic polymer material
  • Hard-wearing and easily repairable
  • Stylish yet economical  washroom solution
  • Multiple configurations available
  • Jointed seamless options, including upstands and downstands
  • Washbasins can be manufactured as an integral part of the vanity unit, or own basins can be incorporated

Special Features:

  • Thermoformed
  • 12 Standard and 10 Premium colours available, with consistency of colour finish throughout

Solid surface is a man-made material composed of minerals and acrylic polymer and can be thermoformed by heating it at around 150 degrees Centigrade. The fact it can be formed means that the vanity can be made in to one continuous, seamless piece including up stand and down stand. As standard, the front edge has a pencil profile.

Solid Surface Vanities are extremely hard wearing and easily repairable; if you do get a scratch then this can either just be sanded out and wiped clean.

Washbasins can be manufactured as an integral part of the vanity unit. Alternatively your own basins can be incorporated.

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    Solid Surface

    Give your washroom added strength and resilience with our stylish choice of Solid Surface finishes.

    Premium Solid Surface

    Elevate your vanities to a new level of luxury with our exclusive Premium Solid Surface finishes.

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    Smooth operator

    Durable, flexible and delivering a beautifully smooth and stylish finish, our Solid Surface Vanities add a touch of elegance to any washroom. This popular finish is especially ideal for high-end leisure, retail and hospitality.

    Manufactured from an advanced composition of minerals and acrylic polymer, our solid surface material can be machined or thermoformed to create virtually any shape. The result? An exceptionally versatile solution that seamlessly complements upstands and downstands.

    Wash hand basins can be manufactured as an integral part of the vanity unit; however we also offer the option for your own basins to be incorporated.

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